Not A Verse, But few thoughts #3

I hold back a lot of things. 
Sometimes they're the thoughts in my head,
other times the things that I feel and a lot
many times the things I want to say that I really mean.
I hide them from a lot of people.
And here,
I have been hiding behind those 'her's and 'she's and
'few's and 'some's and 'if's and 'but's.
For fucks sake, I have been hiding behind a Latin word.
A complex one but with a really simple meaning
and I kind of really like it. Hmm. Anyway, the point is
that.. I am just afraid.
I am afraid that in a group, I will be the one to get talked over.
And here,
I am afraid that my thought will be the one to get skipped over.
It's like for years I have been building a wall.
Built between me and the rest, it's standing tall.
But now I am stuck. But also I am afraid to leave.
So guess, will just refrain in silence? I am sorry.

P.S. Occultatum means hidden. It's Latin.

© 2019 _occultatum_