Haiku #11 and more

You ruined every
bit of love he carried all
these years, for you.

For you.

He held the door
for you and later
he waited outside that same door
when he wasn’t asked to.
For you.
He called to check on you,
the same night when he needed
someone too.
And hey, it did hurt that night.
And love, it did an awful lot of times.
He didn’t say much
when he wanted to.
He did keep waiting
when he was tired too.
He did keep listening but
you missed that
he was trembling too.
Yes he left,
but you couldn’t see all those times
he stayed.
For you.
Yes he walked off,
but hey, you kept
walking all over him
all this time.
now you’ve ruined every bit of love
he carried.
For you.

– Ishita Bhatia