not hurting

A pen in your hand and a piece of page in your lap
can never hurt you.
Words in your heart and running fingers on keyboard
can never hurt you.
One cup of brewed coffee and binge watching a feel-good movie
can never hurt you.
Thoughts that you hide in your head and mirror standing tall
can never hurt you.
An old-torn book in your bag and your nerdy looking glasses
can never hurt you.
Canvas resting by your side and brush between your fingers
can never hurt you.
Those many late night picked songs and entwined earphones
can never hurt you.
Finch, the pup. Luca, the tiny kitten. Sound asleep, beside you,
can and will never hurt you.
A small house with
small rooms,
one in which
your mum is singing softly while knitting a red sweater, could be a scarf,
whilst your dad making everyone midnight tea.
This small house with
small rooms with
few people
and those sleepy
little creatures
can and will never hurt you.

Ishita Bhatia

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