Look, I promise.

Here, my flesh and blood,
my heart and soul,
their smiles and tears,
your angst and fears,
their faces and eyes,
other’s stories and lies.
You and I,
me and her,
and they,
perhaps made other ways,
but look, in all, it’s all the same. I promise.
We all walk our paths,
few through
few passed.
Some stolen
some built,
few lost
few made, then
some reach
some stay, astray.
But look, we are going
towards the same way. I promise.
You and I,
me and her
and they.
Hand in hand, few by oneselves,
some humming
some tongue tied.
You can lift her,
she can hold you,
You can give them,
they can love you. I promise.
Then tell me, why do we need
the next war, and
did we really need
the ones so far?

Ishita Bhatia

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