a wish I never wished for

“ah, four.” I rose and stretched myself.
“and what was it like?” I was asked.
I turned and I shut my eyes,
profoundly trying to search for an answer
but nothing.
Nothing but,
just a few faded memories, bits and times.
There was so much said
but a little was yet remained unsaid.
Ah, how do we explain such things,
things we ourselves are struggling to perceive.
there were many bits and times,
all of which slipped before
we could get to hold’em tight.
Times and bits like,
the getting to know you ones
a-letting you to know me, once.
The learning your stories,
and then later becoming
part of them bits.
The letting you hold me times,
a-getting to hold you bits.
And times of letting you go
and bits of letting you stay.
Maybe at the end, I still suppose,
we got used to the rushing.
And we reached a place, together still, but
we had nothing left but to leave.
And now you ask
the bits, the times?
How do I tell, now that they slowly are slipping away from me? I wonder.
“It was like..” I paused for a minute and then
I turned again to answer,
“like a wish I never wished for.”

Ishita Bhatia

email: ishitabhatia18@gmail.com

Instagram: _occultatum__

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