Her sweet love

“Someday you will find yourself in the midst of
these untold pages
these bits of papers
and these myriad unsent letters.”

These were the exact words she picked and
in this exact manner she decided to put her words together, on the first page, of the very first diary, given to her by him.
Her. Sweet. Love.
She wrote him something, everyday. She wrote something about him, everyday. She kept filling up those pages, she kept emptying her heart and she kept on feeding her mind with his thoughts, his stories, with her words and with her love for him.
Her. Sweet. Love.
Years went by with
the same pen, the same diary, the same thoughts, for the same him.
Her. Sweet. Love.
See the thing was, she knew him too much, too well
and that little diary, knew her too little, too less.
And here is how and why and where
she lost herself to him,
in those untold pages
those bits of papers
and those myriad unsent letters.

Ishita Bhatia

email: ishitabhatia18@gmail.com

Instagram: _occultatum__

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