You are not alone :)

I tried to make it short.


Well, wow. It was quite a day.

Alright so, yesterday I published a piece where I talked about how sometimes I feel guilty for feeling low and how it’s been pretty hard for me lately to perceive my low periods. I tried to make it as much raw and real as possible.

To be honest, it’s hard sharing such things. Sharing a day in your life, especially one like this. At first I almost felt silly sharing such sad shit because A. Who cares? and B. It could trigger a few readers who’ve been or are still dealing with mental illness. Probably worse than mine. I almost decided to delete it but then I saw an e-mail sent to me by another blogger.

She shared her story with me. About her struggles with depression and anxiety. It was quite personal so I won’t/can’t share too much. We exchanged a few more emails after that. It was my first time connecting and relating to another blogger/reader/person on such a deep level. I am glad I didn’t delete my post and that xyz person shared her story with me. It humbled me more as a person.

Also it just made me realize that we need to create a space where people can talk freely and more openly about their struggles so that we are able to take the taboo out of such serious issues. I’m no expert but I have realized this much that sharing can be really healing. For ourselves and others.

To whoever needs this

if you need someone to talk to or someone who would just listen to you, feel free to send an email [I promise it would stay between us] or share your story under this post.


You are not alone


10 thoughts on “You are not alone :)”

  1. Wonderful post! And it is so true.

    The taboos of not talking about what’s going on with people have really set us back and pulled us further apart. It’s much easier and better for us if we can talk freely and work through it.

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  2. Thank you so much for your posts and creating a safe zone where people can share! Especially in a time like this, I think it’s really important to be able to share our fears and vulnerabilities πŸ™‚

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  3. This is why I share my story honestly because one or a few people will reach out and say, β€œI’ve never told anyone this, but I have depression too” or something to that effect. Shared experiences with others remind us we’re not alone and can be so healing. I’m glad someone reached out to you and that you’re trying to help others. Take care!

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