Not A Verse, But few thoughts #6

It would be a long day. Maybe
a frustrating one,
a bad one.
It would be a long walk. Maybe
a darker night,
a quieter lane.
Later that night
I will open the door
and you will be there
Why are you so excited? Every time
Why are you so happy? Every time.
It’s just me.
“why do you love me this much?” i will wonder.
you will just
waggle your little tail in response.
Later that night
I will peek in
and you will be there.
couldn’t help but notice that you just
drifted off in the middle of a math question huh?
Kid, you’re a disgrace. Mom liked math.
I will walk in
and will find a little note hiding in the midst of your tiny fingers.
“Dad im sleepy. I can finish the rest tomorrow. Dont tell mommy.” It will say.
“How are you this pure?” I will wonder and
you will just smile in your sleep, a little.
Later that night
I will turn around and
you will be there
in the kitchen
because i can’t cook for shit and
he knows
because it will be a long day and
he knows, yet to decide.
Later that night
while i will kiss her a goodnight,
he will cover her nicely with a warm blanket and an even warmer hug.
Finch, the pup, will be her pillow. Cuddle buds, i see.
Later that night
We will eat
We will watch
and obviously
i will spoil the ending of yet another movie.
That’s how you know i love you.
We will discuss our day.
obviously you will say
Obviously i will tell
you more than that.
All the littlest things, beginning from that morning to that very instant.
Obviously you will listen.
Later that night
i will sleep like a baby in your arms.
then you will kiss me softly and whisper gently,
“i love you”.
You will always think
i never hear it,
so i will pretend
the same.
It will be a good day after all.

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