Hoped. Sniffled. Yearned. Winced.

“Me and you
now and later”,
you wished.
“Me and you
now and forever”,
i hoped.
“Just want to say
I love you”,
you hushed.
“Just want to say
I miss you”,
i sniffled.
Well for this
and few other
and maybe a lot
more myriad memories,
i yearned
the old hearty days, which
already are bygone.
No, never you,
i winced.

© 2019 _occultatum_ blogunseen.com

2 thoughts on “Hoped. Sniffled. Yearned. Winced.”

    1. I am glad you found it relatable 🌸 Also I agree on the moving on part. It’s just that writing about it really helps and not just to the writer but the reader as well. Sort of like you need to let out to let go stuff.🌸


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