Honey AM I..?

found myself afraid
found myself looking
found myself astray
found myself thinking
found all of this,
But me.
But then there
you were,
and there
I found myself
in those eyes.
how did i get in?
how do i get out?
There the glint
held me
Where the depth
caught me.
That day
That moment
That very moment
I felt,
The something people talk about
when they talk about love.
you kept me awake,
you kept me alive.
This is
so confusing
so different and something.
Help me, would you?
Hold me, could you?
Here again
another dream, about you
Here again
another night, just to you.
Yet another
morning dwans with you,
Yet another
tear shedding for you.
Why is this feeling
a little different? Honey Am I..?

© 2019 _occultatum_ blogunseen.com

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