Please, take a moment. (It continues)

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..and closer. Very slowly yet almost immediately. The man now was standing just a few steps away from her. Samaya felt the need to run or yell but she couldn’t. Something about his eyes kept her still. As if his eyes had clasped her tiny little hands tightly. She then looked at her feet, hoping that he would leave. Hoping that she could go back to think about the sun and the sky again or go back and hug Nieah tightly and never let go off her or go back to Amma (mom) and tell her that she loved her even in the moments she didn’t say it or go back and send a reply to her Abba’s (Dad’s) two nights old letter.

All this time the guy was just staring at her. He kept the box near her feet and kneeled down to her level.

“This isn’t mine.” Samaya somehow muttered. The guy slowly held her right leg with his left arm and asked in a rather rough tone,

“Are you sure?”.

She nodded her linen-scarf-covered-head a little as she took a step backwards. Atleast what felt like a step behind but she barely could. Samaya felt something. Like a strong wave of panic or fear in her body and her heart was racing. At last she yelled the words “Amma” but all she could hear was silence. The guy had covered her mouth tightly with his large hands. She struggled with her feeble arms and legs. She kept kicking and tried hitting the man, but nothing. She tried running, but nothing. She tried screaming, but nothing. She tried waking up, but nothing.

A light drizzle started and wind blew hard. The old big wrought-iron gate banged shut. Two months later they found her body. A seven year old then never woke up. And, a seven year old now knows why roaming around at night felt like a nightmare.

Now you decide what or who to blame.
© 2019 _occultatum_



Nirbhaya Case

A 23 year old female was raped and brutally murdered by six men while traveling in a local bus. One of the convicts was a juvenile who was sentenced three years of imprisonment.

January 2018

Kathua Rape Case

An eight-year-old girl, hailing from Jammu and Kashmir, India, was abducted, raped and then murdered by seven men. Out which one was a temple priest, two police officers, one head constable and one inspector.


Dr Priyanka Reddy Case.

A veterinary doctor in Hyderabad was found dead on a Thursday morning. She was raped, murdered and then burnt by four men.


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