Please, take a moment. (must continue to)

The seven year old Samaya was sleeping quietly whilst dreaming about the night before. She dreamt of roaming around in the city with her little sister, Nieah. But a little pittish feeling woke her up. Was it a nightmare? Why did it wake me up? Was it the dream or someone came?
She outstretched her arms as she pondered over those thoughts.
On her left side Nieah was sleeping, soundly. She had light-blue eyes and dark-brown hair.
She kissed her and quietly tiptoed her way out of the room.
The sun looked shy, almost sad, as it hid behind the misty clouds. But still pretty. The little Samaya went outside in her long garment which covered her tiny-little knees and arms, and a linen scarf to cover her dark-brown-haired head. “Little cold for an October morning”, she thought as looked fixedly at the sky.
She walked a few steps forward towards the big and wrought-iron gate of her house which was almost too old to protect their house, well and maybe, lives. In the middle of the road, Samaya saw a tall-lean guy, dark skinned, messy hair with a smile which felt a little too big for his somewhat distorted face. He had a box in his hand and was murmuring something to himself while she just stood there. Shaking. Thinking.
A seven year old stood there, just glancing at this eccentric guy, confused and afraid. She thought about turning and closing the gate but she couldn’t get her hands or feet to move.
“Beta (child) I found this box outside this gate. Is this yours?”. But Samaya couldn’t get the words out of her mouth. She felt the same pittish feeling that woke her up from the nightmare, was it? She wished to wake up or someone to come. But this nightmare was a reality, something Samaya might not have realized.
A seven year old might have not realized. He began getting closer ..

© 2019 _occultatum_

8 thoughts on “Please, take a moment. (must continue to)”

    1. The reality is daunting and extremely sad. What is even more scary is that few of the cases aren’t even reported. Not just in India but other countries like Thailand, Brazil, Iran


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