REBLOG #3 Chapter 4 – For Zoe, for she matters

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The dinner was set, food was served and there on the place fell into a deep dead silence.
“Could you pass me the salt, please?”, Ure requested breaking the uncomfortable stillness in the room.
He was completely oblivious to what was going on in his mother’s mind. She looked distracted and sounded somewhere lost. Something was definitely up, he thought to himself but couldn’t bother to pay much attention as he just wanted to finish with this last minute arranged dinner and get back to reading his book which he left half finished.
“Zion could you stay back after dinner? I need some help on, um, some wedding thing”, Alia said avoiding any sort of eye contact with the boys.
“What kind of help?”, Ure meddled in between.
“Just some wedding stuff.” Alia said standing up and picking up her plate.
Zion helped her with clearing the table while Ure…

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thought and kept

Before you leave
give me a day or two
a moment or so
and maybe
further and later
I’ll be… just fine.
Before you leave
I’d sigh a faint goodbye
and maybe you can step a little closer,
for …a last time.
And while you’d be that close,
you can
whisper my name
you can
gaze into my eyes
and yes,
I may quiver
and yes,
I may look away, the way I did
…the very first time.
Ahh, wherever
and whenever it will be
…the very last time,
before you leave
just stay for a while
and I promise,
sooner or later
I’ll be… just fine.

– Ishita Bhatia

Haiku #11 and more

You ruined every
bit of love he carried all
these years, for you.

For you.

He held the door
for you and later
he waited outside that same door
when he wasn’t asked to.
For you.
He called to check on you,
the same night when he needed
someone too.
And hey, it did hurt that night.
And love, it did an awful lot of times.
He didn’t say much
when he wanted to.
He did keep waiting
when he was tired too.
He did keep listening but
you missed that
he was trembling too.
Yes he left,
but you couldn’t see all those times
he stayed.
For you.
Yes he walked off,
but hey, you kept
walking all over him
all this time.
now you’ve ruined every bit of love
he carried.
For you.

– Ishita Bhatia

not hurting

A pen in your hand and a piece of page in your lap
can never hurt you.
Words in your heart and running fingers on keyboard
can never hurt you.
One cup of brewed coffee and binge watching a feel-good movie
can never hurt you.
Thoughts that you hide in your head and mirror standing tall
can never hurt you.
An old-torn book in your bag and your nerdy looking glasses
can never hurt you.
Canvas resting by your side and brush between your fingers
can never hurt you.
Those many late night picked songs and entwined earphones
can never hurt you.
Finch, the pup. Luca, the tiny kitten. Sound asleep, beside you,
can and will never hurt you.
A small house with
small rooms,
one in which
your mum is singing softly while knitting a red sweater, could be a scarf,
whilst your dad making everyone midnight tea.
This small house with
small rooms with
few people
and those sleepy
little creatures
can and will never hurt you.

Ishita Bhatia

Look, I promise.

Here, my flesh and blood,
my heart and soul,
their smiles and tears,
your angst and fears,
their faces and eyes,
other’s stories and lies.
You and I,
me and her,
and they,
perhaps made other ways,
but look, in all, it’s all the same. I promise.
We all walk our paths,
few through
few passed.
Some stolen
some built,
few lost
few made, then
some reach
some stay, astray.
But look, we are going
towards the same way. I promise.
You and I,
me and her
and they.
Hand in hand, few by oneselves,
some humming
some tongue tied.
You can lift her,
she can hold you,
You can give them,
they can love you. I promise.
Then tell me, why do we need
the next war, and
did we really need
the ones so far?

Ishita Bhatia